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Rely on Tengjin for Excellent Rubber Gaskets

Tengjin is a professional rubber gaskets manufacturer with more than 15 years of years. Equipped with complete production lines and excelling at a wide range of processing capabilities, we can meet all of your rubber product needs and requirements. If you need custom rubber gaskets, Tengjin  is the your go-to choice partner for your business. Partner with Tengjin to build  impeccable, most cost-effective products for your exact needs.

Our Products are Seen Great Use for Industries

Rest Assured & Follow Our Steps to Success


Design Optimization

Upload your design to us and we will help check your design to see if it is suitable for production.


Material Recommendation

We will recommend suitable materials to you to ensure and improve the quality and performance of your product.


Manufacturing Planning

We support a variety of production methods, and will plan the most suitable production form for you as per your requirements, budget, and more.


Efficient Manufacturing

With a variety of advanced and automated production equipment, we can complete your production according to your required time.


Secondary Processing

We offer a variety of secondary processing services in house to help you save on budget and shorten production cycles.


Rapid Delivery

Partnering with a number of logistics providers ensures that we can transport your orders rapidly and ensure on-time delivery.

Real People are Ready to Help Anytime

We have been manufacturing plastic and rubber products since 2007, helping hundreds of brands and companies realize their designs and finished products. If you’re looking for a manufacturer to produce premium plastic and rubber products, we’re your right choice to go.

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