Precise, Durable, and Complex Auto Parts Made Easier

Make Tengjin your solution for OEM precision plastic and rubber parts for cars. With 15 years of experience molding plastic and rubber, whether injection, blown, or compression molding, we use cost-effective but not compromising quality production methods. We have worked with prominent car brands as prototyping and low-volume production manufacturing services making affordable, high-quality rubber and plastic molded parts.

A Broad Spectrum of Our Services

We offer a comprehensive scope of services of molded parts as custom automotive solutions. Our engineers will work with you to make your custom, dependable, and economical plastic and rubber automotive parts.

Why Choose Us

Tengjin is the best prototyping and low-volume production solution for plastic and rubber car parts. We provide a full service, and engineers will be with you from designing and prototyping to mass production. Here are the advantages of choosing us.

Professional Solutions

Our engineers and designers have more than a decade of experience ensuring to find the best quality materials and the most cost-effective method available, producing affordable and dependable auto parts.

On Time Support

Customer support is glad to assist you with any queries or issues. They will reply to you within 24 hours, formulating the best answers to anything about the product.

Quality Parts

We ensure that we obtain the best materials. Your custom rubber or plastic parts are produced in our modern factory, providing quality craftsmanship.

Inclusive Secondary Services

We take the extra mile by providing surface treatment protection for parts, with services like assembly and packaging providing you the complete service.

Automotive Products We Helped Produce

With a wide selection of molded products, from rubber seals to plastic covers, we can find you the proper size or make a custom part according to your needs.

Explore More Industries We Support

Tengjin’s modern production line also ventures into and supports industries that need molded rubber and plastic parts. See our versatility in these industries, and how we provide them with dependable custom parts.


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