Lean Manufacturing to Cater to Whatever You Need

You Name it, We Make it

Tengjin offers a wide range of manufacturing process conducted by our well-trained staff, utilizing automated injection molding machinery. The advanced equipment within our factory can achieve different types of manufacturing and molding methods. With our production capabilities, we can achieve fast cycle times and tight tolerance mass-produce parts with accurate specifications and superior quality.

Why Choose Us for On Demand Manufacturing

State-of-the-art Production Facilities

We can support various types of custom manufacturing owing to complete and advanced on-demand production facilities.

Comprehensive Secondary Processing

To complete your parts production, Tengjin has a complete range of surface treatment and other secondary processing options.

Fast Turnaround

The experience of our engineers, the automated process and equipment enables us to streamline our production to complete your orders with a short lead-time.

Professional Engineers

With the experience of on demand manufacturing for years, our engineers have the technical knowledge in finding solutions to any issues you may encounter.

Specialized Solution

After providing various industries with high-grade manufacturing services, we have background knowledge in finding the right solution that fits your business requirements and budget.

Competitive Prices

Whether to create prototypes or mass production of parts, we can provide our manufacturing solutions at competitive prices thanks to our mature chain supply and production capabilities.

Bring Exceptional Experience in Every Process

Below are the steps of our on-demand production. We make sure to bring numerous benefits to you every step of the way. Follow every simple step, and you’re guaranteed an efficient, fast and quality on-demand production.

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