Better Secondary Processing, Better Products

Comprehensive Secondary Processing

Tengjin’s robust secondary processing service complements our plastic injection molding, lsr injection molding and blow molding and more with additional operations such as silkscreen printing and polishing. Each process is handled by experts within fully-equipped warehouses. Through our one-stop-shop secondary processing, we can reduce costs and expenses while bolstering production capabilities.

Our Portfolio of Surface Finishing

 We offer a complete list of secondary processing to accomplish any business production requirements. Learn more by browsing our surface treatment options below.

Efficient Assembly

Within our in-house facilities, Tengjin engineers utilize automated equipment to complete low-volume production of plastic and rubber products, meanwhile we assemble custom parts manually to ensure quality of finished products.

Efficient Assembly
Robust packaging as per customer request

Robust Packaging

The packaging service provides a protective layer to your plastic, metal or rubber products, preventing any impact damages or exposure to the elements. In addition, we can create marketable packages that will help attract the attention of your target audience.

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